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Applied Behavior Analysis Programs at Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University appears in our ranking of the 20 Most Affordable Online ABA Graduate Certificate Programs

Texas Tech University offers programs in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through the Burkhardt Center for Autism Education and Research. One of the more popular programs is a Master of Education (MED) in Applied Behavior Analysis. It allows students to transfer up to six credits towards the 36 they need to complete to graduate. Majors will take nine hours of special education classes and 21 hours of ABA courses. Introduction to Educational Research and Human Development in Education are two classes that students take before the required courses that include Children and Youth with Low Incidence Disabilities.

A major component of the ABA program is a three-credit internship. Though students can find placements on their own, Texas Tech University can assign them locations to work where they will gain experience handling the needs of those on the spectrum. The ABA core includes a seminar called Philosophical Underpinnings of ABA and seven courses. They learn how to work with individuals in Single-Subject Designs in ABA. Other required classes include Concepts and Principles of ABA, Behavior Change Procedures, ABA and Function-Based Interventions and Behavior Analytic Supervision and Management of Personnel.

The Burkhardt Center for Autism Education and Research offers a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis too. This program is a good choice for students who studied psychology and sociology in college and want to work with clients on the spectrum. Students can complete this program while working on a master’s or doctoral degree from the university, but it’s also offered as a standalone program. It features 21 credits of work and includes both an internship and six classes. Texas Tech University assigned each class a number to show students the order in which they should take them. Their courses will include Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education, Functional Behavior Assessment and Function-Based Interventions and Ethical and Professional Conduct.

A doctoral degree program in special education is available for students who want to research ABA subjects and train future therapists. It teaches students how to identify and evaluate the needs of those on the spectrum and create treatment plans around their needs. Students also learn how to design programs to help large groups. Ph.D. students can bring up to 30 credits with them, including any advanced courses they took in the master’s program. They will need to complete a minimum of 90 credits to graduate the program, but they receive some credits for their dissertations. Texas Tech University requires that students complete an oral defense of their work and do at least one advanced internship.

About Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is a public university that uses many nicknames, including Texas Tech, Tech, and TTU. The research university was established in 1923 as the Texas Technological College and kept that name until the end of the 1960s. The Wall Street Journal named Texas Tech as one of the top schools for employment recruiters, and PayScale ranked the university as one of the top 20 colleges in terms of how much graduates made in the middle of their careers. More than 6,200 graduate students attend TTU every year.

Texas Tech University Accreditation Details

All of the ABA programs available at TTU meet the standards of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), which is the organization that offers the Board Certified Analyst exam. Students can take courses that prepare them for that test, which awards them certificates to practice in the ABA field. The internships that are in these programs also have approval from that organization. Texas Tech has had regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for many years and continues meeting the requirements to renew that accreditation. This allows students who need financial help paying for school to use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Texas Tech University Application Requirements

The MED in ABA available at Texas Tech has an application deadline of August first for students who want to start that fall. Those who want to wait until the spring to start will need to apply by December first. TTU does not allow students to start the ABA program in the summer. If it does not receive all information by the first deadline, the university will defer the applicant and view their application for the following semester. Incoming students need a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all their undergrad classes or any graduate classes they took. The university asks for two letters of recommendation from employers or supervisors who have firsthand experience of the student’s work, a resume, and a personal statement. In the personal statement, students have two pages to write about the ABA experiences that they have, any practical training that they completed, and the goals they have for the future. TTU has the same requirements for the ABA certificate program.

Though Texas Tech does not have a hard deadline for its doctoral program, it asks students to apply a few months before they want to start their studies. They need to complete the Graduate School Application and upload their transcripts to the application. Students must write a personal statement to explain why they choose TTU, how the degree program will assist them in the future and what they want to accomplish while at the university. Other requirements include an official GRE score, resume and three letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Texas Tech University charges Texas residents $8,097 each year for tuition in an ABA or special education program. This cost increases to $15,693 per year for non-residents. Students who do not have health insurance need to buy coverage from TTU, which will add $2,698 to their annual costs. Those who work for the university receive a waiver that covers the tuition and fees associated with taking one course each semester.

Both doctoral and graduate students can qualify for TTU assistantships. This reduces the cost that graduate students pay down to $2,430 a year and drops the cost for doctoral students to $1,350. The university offers online applications that help students apply for research, teaching and graduate assistantships. Students can also get federal loans and scholarships from the College of Education. Texas Tech University can help students get all the financial aid they need to pay for an applied behavior analysis program.