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ABA Degrees Offered at Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Online Master’s in Educational Psychology.

Purdue University Global offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Postbaccalaureate Certificate, and Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis. The programs provide the course sequence needed to take the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Examination. Students learn from practicing professionals in the behavior analysis field.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis provides students with the essential understanding and abilities to effectively work with a diversity of individuals in many different settings. Students learn about the design, evaluation, and application of behavioral principles and learning theories. A total of 180 quarter credits are needed to finish the program. The core courses include: Applied Behavior Analysis I, Applied Behavior Analysis II, Abnormal Psychology, Program Design and Evaluation, Clinical Psychology, Targeted Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis, Exceptional Needs Children, Neuroscience, and Research Methods. Students must also complete a capstone in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Postbaccalaureate Certificate enables students to expand their understanding of applied behavior analysis. Students engage in practical learning experiences to gain real-world knowledge of the field. The program focuses on improving the abilities of children in school settings, enhancing the well-being of children and adults with different disabilities, and boosting the performance of employees in businesses and organizations. The program requires the completion of 30 credit hours. The courses include: Applied Behavior Analysis I, Applied Behavior Analysis II, Exceptional Needs Children, Screening and Assessment, and Program Design and Evaluation.

The Postgraduate Certified focuses on the understanding of behavioral concepts and theories, and how to apply them to special situations. They critically assess and relate psychological and behavioral theories and concepts in a variety of circumstances. A total of 35 credits are needed to finish the program. The core courses include: Ethics in Behavior Analysis, Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Research Design in Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Measures and Interpretation of Data, Implementing Behavioral Change, Clinical Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Applied Behavior Analysis Practicum.

About Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is the public online component of the world recognized Purdue University System. It was founded in 2018 after a merger of Purdue University and Kaplan University. Kaplan University was recognized as a major leader in online education geared toward adult learners. Today, nearly 30,000 students pursue degrees from Purdue University Global. The university is also home to 1,800 faculty members who are committed to providing the essential instruction and personalized attention to help a diversity of students succeed. The online institution utilizes the quarter-based academic calendar.

Purdue University Global is dedicated to offering exceptional innovative online programs to adult students from all walks of life. It maintains the same values and superior academic standards as the campus-based institution. Over 180 career-focused programs are available. Associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and graduate certificates are offered. In all programs, courses are caught by instructors who are active professionals in their respective fields to provide students with the knowledge and abilities to make a difference in their current or future careers. The instructors are dedicated to offering personal support to all students to aid in their success. They assist students with coursework, provide mentoring, and help with job searches. Other available services at Purdue University Global include academic advising, tutoring in various subjects, career counseling, networking, and career planning. Instructors and advisors also help students create a competency report to show work-related abilities to prospective employers. Popular majors at Purdue University Global include public administration, psychology, business, information technology, and health professions.

Purdue University Global is committed to the worth of its academic programs, and to ensure complete satisfaction, it allows students to try classes before they are obligated to pay tuition. Students are able to attend classes for three weeks to decide if online learning is the right choice for their professional and personal goals. Flexible learning options are also available to meet the needs of different learning styles. The traditional online format enables students to tailor their program so they have the ability to complete coursework on their own schedule. The ExcelTrack is a customized, competency-based option that is available for certain programs. This option provides students increased flexibility and allows students to finish their degree at a quicker rate. Students are also able to visit any of the regional campus locations to use the support and services that are available onsite.

Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

The Higher Learning Commission regionally accredits Purdue University Global. The university authorized to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and graduate certificates.

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

The application requirements at Purdue University Global depend on each program. Generally, students must submit the following documents to begin the application process:


  • Undergraduate application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Official transcripts from previously enrolled postsecondary schools
  • $45 nonrefundable application fee


  • Graduate application
  • Official transcript from prior institutions of higher learning
  • $45 nonrefundable application fee

Tuition and Financial Aid


The Purdue University Global tuition rates depend on specific program. Generally, the undergraduate tuition is between $305 and $371 per quarter credit and the graduate tuition is between $420 and $700 per quarter credit.

Financial Aid

Purdue University Global offers various financial aid programs to help students pay for their postsecondary education, including scholarships, grants, and loans.


  • Purdue University Global/ThanksUSA Scholarship
  • Purdue University Global/National Military Family Association Scholarship


  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • State grants from the specific home state of the student


  • Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Parent Direct PLUS Loan
  • Federal Graduate Direct PLUS Loan

Degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis are designed to prepare students to work with a wide range of children and adults struggling from an array of behaviors, including autism spectrum disorders and difficulty with daily social functions. The ABA degrees offered by Purdue University Global prepare students for various job opportunities, such as behavioral ABA technician, applied behavior support specialist, and applied behavior analyst assistant.