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Applied Behavior Analysis Programs at New York University

New York University appears in our ranking of the Top 30 Online Master’s in School Counseling.

New York University offers programs that can train students on working as applied behavior analysts through several departments. Students can start with the undergraduate program in psychology. They will take 10 classes that are each worth four points, including Introduction to Psychology and Statistics for Behavioral Sciences. Through the internships that the university offers, students can work in autism centers and with agencies who help those individuals at home. The university also offers an honors psychology program that students can enter later.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology can also offer students some ABA training. It allows students to select from concentrations such as cognitive psychology to look at the brain and social psychology to study how groups and individuals interact. Psychology majors must take 12 courses that include research and statistics classes. They have the option of taking a comprehensive exam to graduate from the program or doing a thesis. Principles of Learning, Cognitive Neuroscience, Child Development, Psychology of Social Behavior and Theories of Personality are courses that apply to the ABA field.

Some of the university’s programs related to ABA are in the education field, including a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Childhood Special Education. Designed for those seeking a New York teaching license, it prepares students for working with kids in first through sixth grades. Majors can only remain in the program if they maintain a grade point average of 2.75 or higher. It features four student teaching experiences in which students agree to work in schools in and around New York City. Education majors will also take classes that include Science and Health in Childhood Education, Foundations of Special Education, Literacy for Learning and Human Development I and II.

The university’s Master of Childhood Education and Special Education includes tracks for students who need their teaching licenses and those who want to add to their existing licenses. In the initial certification track, students can earn up to 10 points for their fieldwork. They can get one point through an observation class and up to six points through practicums. The university gives students the option of doing fieldwork in education agencies too. To get a license to teach in New York, they must take Drug and Alcohol Education, Child Abuse Identification and School Violence Prevention or a course that looks at the duties of professional teachers.

In the professional certification track, graduate students take Foundations of Curriculum for Diverse Learners and a class that looks at working with children who have disabilities in the classroom and other settings. This advanced program awards students up to six points for the fieldwork they do and allows them to work in both private and public schools. Literacy Assessment and Literacy of the Special Learner are classes that apply to those who want to work in the ABA field.

About New York University

New York University is a private university that ranks as one of the world’s best colleges of higher learning. Established in 1831, it also ranks as one of the oldest campuses in the state. U.S. News and World Report placed the university at number seven on its list of the best education programs and number 29 on a list of the United States’ best colleges. The Princeton Review ranked the university as the number one dream school for college students and their parents for four straight years. Also known as NYU, it has an active alumni network that includes Angelina Jolie, Donald Glover, Lady Gaga, Rudy Guiliani, Tom Ford, and Spike Lee.

New York University Accreditation Details

NYU has accreditation for several of its psychology programs from the American Psychological Association (APA). Both the special education programs designed for graduate students and undergrads have accreditation from the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). Students can also get financial aid from NYU when they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) because it holds regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

New York University Application Requirements

High school students can apply to NYU before they graduate through the Common Application. All prospective undergrads will use this same application. It asks students to fill out a school report section and then upload a transcript to validate the information. Unless they qualify for and receive a fee waiver, they need to pay a $70 application fee. NYU then asks for an official school report/transcript, a standardized test score, and a mid-year report. Fewer than 35 percent of those who apply are accepted by the university. Students can apply by the NYU early application deadline of November first or the final deadline of January first.

Students applying to the NYU graduate psychology program have until March first to apply and start in the fall. They need to provide transcripts that show they took a statistics class and Introduction to Psychology as an undergrad. The university requires a GRE score and recommends that students take the exam at least six weeks before the application deadline to ensure that their scores arrive on time. They also need to supply three letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose that explains how their professional and academic experiences will help them in the psychology program. The requirements for graduate students applying to a special education program include:

  • A resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A statement of purpose of two to three pages
  • Official college transcripts
  • An official GRE or MAT score

Students applying to the professional certification track need to provide copies of their valid teaching licenses too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

NYU undergrads pay $26,654 per semester in their tuition and fees in both the psychology and special education programs. They face additional fees based on where they live and if they take more than 18 credits of classes. Graduate special education majors pay $17,232 to take nine credits in either of the university’s programs. Those enrolled in the psychology program pay $17,781 each semester. NYU designs financial aid packages to meet the need that students who when they use the FAFSA. This can include work-study, other types of employment, scholarships, loans, and grants. New York University encourages students who want to study ABA, psychology, education and related fields to apply for financial aid as early as they can.