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Applied Behavior Analysis at Angelo State University

Angelo State University appears in our ranking of the Top 30 Online Master’s in School Counseling

Angelo State University houses its programs in psychology and counseling within its Department of Psychology and Sociology. Students with an interest in enrolling in a program offering an applied behavior analysis (ABA) focus may be interested in the Master of Science in Professional School Counseling, the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, or the Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling.

Students who do not yet have an undergraduate degree can choose one of the bachelor’s degree programs in psychology to prepare for a graduate program that features the study of counseling, psychology, or applied behavior analysis. Meanwhile, students who enroll at the graduate level will want to explore the three degree options that will allow them to explore careers in ABA or work with autism students.

Students who choose the Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling will need to attend classes online since the degree is only offered through online study. Some of the careers open to graduates of the program include public school counseling, college and university counseling, and other similar positions as counselors. The program features eight-week courses that are held entirely online. Students don’t need to submit GRE scores to gain entry into the program.

The second option for students interested in ABA work at Angelo State University is the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. The degree requires that students complete 60 credits in counseling and psychology and is appropriate for students interested in becoming a licensed psychological associate or a licensed professional counselor. Students who enroll full-time can expect to graduate in about two years.

The final degree option at Angelo State University is the Master of Science in Professional School Counseling, which is another online option like the M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling program. Students have access to practicum and internship opportunities while enrolled and must complete 48 credits to earn their degree. Completion helps students become Certified School Counselors within the State of Texas.

About Angelo State University

Angelo State University was founded in the 1920s at San Angelo College and offers more than 100 degrees to undergraduate students and more than 30 programs for graduate applicants. The school is part of the Texas Tech University System and is the second-largest campus in that system. The university’s motto is “Let there be light,” and the school has become one of the fastest-growing colleges in the entire country in recent years.

The school’s official colors are gold and blue, and the student sports teams at the school play as the Rams in their NCAA Division II games within the Lone Star Conference. The university’s mascot is Dominic the Ram. Around 10,000 students attend the university, which has more than 550 academic staff serving students at its San Angelo campus. The school was once a regional junior college, but it would grow swiftly once it gained status as a four-year university.

Angelo State University Accreditation Details

Regional accreditation for Angelo State University comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, which enables the university to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. The university also follows guidelines published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, as well as the Texas Tech University System. The university also features several programs accredited by various agencies.

Accreditations include one from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, which has approved the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Master of Science in Nursing. The nursing programs are also accredited by the Texas State Board of Nursing. Other agencies to have accredited programs at the university include the National Association of Schools of Music, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Angelo State University Application Requirements

Students seeking first-year admission may be eligible for assured admission if they are in the top 25 percent of their graduating class. Assured admission is also available for students in the next quarter of their graduating class if they obtain a minimum of 17 on their ACT or a 920 on their SAT. Students in the third and fourth quarters of their graduating classes will have their applications reviewed.

Application materials include the official admission application, a non-refundable fee of $40, and the student’s official standardized test scores and official high school transcripts. Students can apply for a fee waiver for the application fee. Meanwhile, students who want to enroll in graduate programs will need to apply for admission using their intended program’s application requirements. Application materials will typically require the application, fee, and transcripts.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attendance for undergraduate students at Angelo State University is $8,720 for Texas residents and $21,170 for non-residents. Room and board charges come to $9,130, and books & supplies are estimated at $1,200. The university also estimates that students will pay around $1,800 for transportation and $1,480 for miscellaneous costs. In all, undergraduate students who live on campus will pay an estimated $22,330 if they’re Texas residents or $34,780 if they’re from outside the state.

For graduate students, Texas residents will pay $6,860 for tuition, and non-residents will pay $14,330 for tuition. Room and board are $9,130 for all graduate students, and books & supplies are estimated at $720. Transportation and miscellaneous fees are considered identical to undergraduate student costs. In all, students should be prepared to pay $19,990 a year if they’re Texas residents or $27,460 a year if they’re from outside the state.

Students who attend Angelo State University can apply for financial aid through the federal government’s student loan program, as well as gain eligibility for scholarships, grants, and loans administered by the state and school. Active duty members of the military and veterans of the armed services may be eligible for various veterans benefits and should contact the Veterans Educational and Transitional Services Center at the university.

Students who want to apply for scholarships will work with the Office of Scholarship Programs and will apply on the university’s RamPort online application system. Students who qualify for a scholarship will be sent a notice of the award by email by the ASU General Scholarship Committee. Students with financial hardship will want to explore the Angelo State University Blue and Gold Guarantee program, which is meant to ensure all students can attend and afford their college education.