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Five Podcasts about Autism

  • Modern Love
  • Finding Mickey
  • The Autism Show
  • Autism Empowerment Radio
  • Autism Quality of Life

Autism, by the most basic definition, is an experience in which people struggle with socially normal practices of forming relationships, communicating with others, and understanding abstract concepts. There are also some physiological components, such as heightened sensory sensitivity and atypical motor activity. Furthermore, most people with autism display higher than average intelligence in one area or another. These five podcasts provide a more in-depth understanding of and practical approach to interacting with people with autism.

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1. Modern Love

Given that one of the hallmark characteristics of autism is difficulty with social norms of relationship formation and communication, love takes on a whole different meaning when friends and loved ones are living with autism. Modern Love by WBUR and the New York Times is a series of reenactments of significant relationships between people with autism and people without. Voiced by famous actors and actresses, this series is at once entertaining, informative, and validating.

2. Finding Mickey

Those who love Modern Love, but hate to see each story end so quickly, will enjoy Finding Mickey. This entire series tells the story of one family’s journey through the unique roller coaster that is life for a family with a child living with autism. They decided to participate in this podcast in order to both raise awareness about autism and provide tips for daily living to other families like them.

3. The Autism Show

Parents and educators of children with autism seeking a more professional and informative experience will benefit from listening to The Autism Show. This podcast features a vast array of doctors, therapists, researchers, and educators who specialize in autism. From causes to treatment, advocacy to acceptance, anyone will take something valuable away from each episode.

4. Autism Empowerment Radio

Perhaps you have noticed the lack of the words “disease,” and “disorder,” throughout this article, or the mention of higher than average intelligence experienced by people with autism. While autism, especially on the more severe end of the spectrum, presents people with unique challenges to overcome, it also grants them unique strengths. Autism Empowerment Radio is all about empowering people to manifest those strengths while overcoming the challenges. Simultaneously, it encourages people without autism to recognize and make room in society for that process to unfold.

5. Autism Quality of Life

The majority of the available podcasts about autism are geared towards parents and educators living and working with children with autism. However, autism is an experience that follows one throughout the lifespan, presenting new challenges and opportunities at each new stage of life. Autism Quality of Life is geared towards adolescents and adults with autism, as well as their friends, loved ones, peers, and colleagues. It provides tips, motivation, and a community of support.

Autism is a dynamic and lifelong experience. It is one that comes with a plethora of both unique challenges and unique strengths. Whether you live with autism, interact with someone who does, wish to be an active advocate, or simply want to understand it better, these five podcasts offer valuable information and perspective.