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5 Rejuvenating Retreats for Parents of Children with Autism

  • Happy Mama Conference and Retreat
  • Purposeful Parent Boot Camp
  • Community Autism Resources Parent Retreat
  • Camp Kaleidoscope
  • Barren Heights Christian Retreat

Parenting is a full-time job. The most successful parents are those who make some time for themselves. Parenting children with Autism takes even more energy, time, and resources. While completely worthwhile, these parents need and deserve some extra support and rejuvenation. These five retreats for parents of children with Autism are designed to provide them with some much needed personal care while further enhancing their parenting skills and knowledge.

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1. Happy Mama Conference and Retreat

The Happy Mama Conference and Retreat is exactly what it sounds like. It is three days in the beautiful and serene Montreat Assembly in Montreat, North Carolina. Moms of children with Autism and other special needs are whisked away to relax, socialize, have fun, and collaborate around initiatives for self-care and sisterhood. Activities include meals, wine nights, speakers and breakout groups, and exercise and art classes. Next year’s event will take place from August 12th to 14th. A scholarship is available for deserving mamas who lack the financial ability to attend.

2. Purposeful Parenting Bootcamp

Moms who feel most rejuvenated through action will enjoy the Purposeful Parenting Bootcamp. These three- and four-day day retreats are packed full of both personal life skills and parenting skills coaching. The are limited to just a few moms in each group to facilitate intimate connection, deep collaboration, and intensive training. These retreats take place in the fall. The 2018 event just passed in early October, so now is the time to start planning for 2019. Events are held at luxurious vacation homes in North Carolina.

3. Community Autism Resources Parent Retreat

Dads of children with Autism need rejuvenation, too. The Community Autism Parent Retreat welcomes all parents. This event is located in the calming and scenic Whispering Pines Conference Center in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. The weekend includes tranquility, outdoors activities, delicious meals, time to socialize with other parents, and valuable training on self-care to facilitate more rejuvenation during everyday life throughout the rest of the year. The 2019 event will take place from April 13th and 14th.

4. Camp Kaleidoscope

For families living with Autism, family time is often structured around therapy sessions and special activities. It is difficult to plan family getaways since much of society does not understand how to accommodate their unique needs. Founded by the Common Ground Center, Camp Kaleidoscope is a retreat for the whole family that is fun, rejuvenating, and very Autism friendly. Families will enjoy outdoor activities and art classes for all ages, campfire meals, and socializing with other families. The camp happens every summer in Vermont. Check back soon for information about the 2019 camp.

5. Barren Heights Christian Retreat

Many families find comfort and rejuvenation in their religious faith. For these families, Barren Heights Christian Retreat is a special treat. They offer retreats every weekend throughout the summer months. Families enjoy a wide range of outdoor action and calm recreation, as well as socialization with others. Parents learn coping skills for every day life, and kids get a chance to just be kids. Start deciding on a good weekend for 2019, because retreat details for next summer will come soon!

Parenting children with Autism is challenging yet rewarding. The challenges are easier to face and the rewards sweeter when parents have the opportunity to rest, enjoy, and learn in beautiful places among like minds. These five rejuvenating retreats for parents of children with Autism offer something for every parent and family.