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5 Podcasts for School Counselors

  • American Counseling Association
  • Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge
  • ASCAway
  • Dr. Poppy Moon’s School Counseling Podcast
  • How to Talk to Kids About Anything

Thanks to technological and industrial advancement, we are both blessed and cursed with infinite options and opportunities. Given that time is still just as finite, it is becoming increasingly more important to prioritize and make use of small pockets of time. When it comes to professional development, podcasts are making it possible to continue to learn and grow on the go. Here are five podcasts specifically valuable for school counselors.

American Counseling Association

The most successful school counselors are those who maintain active ties to the greater counseling community. Tuning into the American Counseling Association podcasts is one of the easiest ways to stay connected and informed. Each episode dives deeply into a hot topic in the field, revealing the latest research findings and providing guidance on how best to apply it in practice.

Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge

Even the best school counselor is only as good as the rest of his or her team. Teachers are also key players in all school psychology cases. It is therefore important for school psychologists to know what teachers do and how best to communicate with them. Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge invites listeners into conversations with teachers on a wide variety of the issue that they face.


School counselors are so busy interacting with students, parents, and other educational professionals, that they rarely get the opportunity to collaborate with each other. It is valuable to see how others approach the role and learn from each other. A Day in the Life of a School Counselor. The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has created ASCAway, a podcast dedicated to connecting school counselors across the country. Each episode features different counselors discussing different issues trending in the field.

Dr. Poppy Moon’s School Counseling Podcast

Once you graduate from your degree program and enter the field, you become the expert. Most of the time. We all need to turn to someone for career guidance once in a while, and it is difficult to find that sort of mentorship after college. With Dr. Poppy Moon’s School Counseling Podcast, you have an experienced mentor at your finger tips. In each episode, she offers advise, tricks, and guidance on a different topic or issue.

How to Talk to Kids About Anything

School counselors spend the majority of their time talking to kids. They talk to all kinds of kids about all kinds of issue. Most of these kids are going through tough times, and therefore display tough behaviors. How to Talk to Kids About Anything offers Dr. Robyn Silverman’s expertise on effective communication with kids of all ages and walks of life. This podcast is also an excellent resource to prescribe to the parents and teachers of the kids you work with.

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The next time you travel between schools, embark on a long commute, or sit waiting for a session, shut down social media and make more of that time. Tune into one of these five podcasts for school counselors. Each will make a unique contribution to your professional development. All of them will leave you feeling inspired in your career.