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5 Podcasts for Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychology Podcasts

  • The Psych Files
  • Hidden Brain
  • School Psyched!
  • NeuroCurious
  • This is Psychology

Plugging in earbuds and listening to podcasts for educational psychologists is an excellent way to stay professionally informed. Podcasts are digital audio series that can be downloaded online or through platforms like iTunes. Educational psychology podcasts are recorded by the field’s leading gurus to inspire their colleagues. Speaking about powerful new strategies to enhance the audience’s educational psychology practice is their goal. Podcasts about educational psychology delve into the behavioral and cognitive science of learning. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 43,470 school psychologists nationwide that would benefit from tuning in. This article has five great podcasts for educational psychologists to hear brain science developments on their phone or tablet.

The Psych Files

Founded in 2007, The Psych Files is a premier, MERLOT Award-winning podcast that’s been downloaded over 18 million times on Amazon and iTunes. Its host, Dr. Michael Britt, is a former Marist College professor and psychology expert who has been featured on the Science Channel’s Dark Matters. The Psych Files has more than 350 episodes available in 19 disciplines, including learning/memory and teaching/education. Listeners will enjoy exciting talks about topics like play therapy, parenting, trauma recovery, test prep, and mindful learning.

Hidden Brain

Given 4.6/5.0 stars on iTunes, Hidden Brain is a popular, APHA Award-winning podcast funded by National Public Radio to explore the science of the mind. Shankar Vedantam, a former Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow, has hosted this educational psychology podcast since 2015. Updated weekly, Hidden Brain has more than 215 insightful, informative episodes of 20 to 60 minutes available. Relevant topics addressed include racism, gender bias, substance abuse, learning disabilities, infant development, misbehavior, memory, and career planning.

School Psyched!

Liked more than 4,200 times on Facebook, School Psyched! is one of the leading educational psychologist podcasts started in 2016 to focus on K-12 practice strategies. Every other Sunday at 8:00PM, three school psychologists named Anna, Rebecca, and Eric record interesting discussions with guest speakers. Currently, there are 90 free episodes available for iOS, Android, and Web Player to gain helpful insights anywhere. Noteworthy episodes cover topics like special education law, ADHD treatment, selective mutism, English language learning, and test anxiety.


Featured in the BPS Research Digest, NeuroCurious is another trusted educational psychology podcast born in 2016 that dives into the science of our minds. Dr. Deborah Budding, a board-certified child psychologist and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center professor, hosts each brain-behavior discussion. Rated 4.7 stars on iTunes, NeuroCurious has 16 hour-long episodes ready to roll through important topics from social learning to educational therapy. Its latest installment notably talked about the impact of video games and the Internet on children’s brains.

This is Psychology

Recorded since 2012, This is Psychology is a prominent, research-based podcast from the American Psychological Association that covers most specialties, including school and educational. Dr. Norman Bruce Anderson, the APA’s first African-American CEO and a Career Service Award recipient, started the series to keep members informed. Thirteen brief episodes are available for online or offline listening on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Stitcher. Educational psychologists will like the podcasts on caregiving, bullying, child mental health, and drug therapy.

Becoming an educational psychologist is a long journey that involves advanced courses for the master’s and possibly a doctoral degree. Even at the U.S. News & World Report‘s top-ranked educational psychology schools like Vanderbilt, Stanford, Michigan State, and Maryland, the programs aren’t truly terminal though. Educational psychologists are always studying and researching to better understand how young minds work. Download the five podcasts for educational psychologists above to keep learning and stay up-to-date on the field’s latest discoveries.

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