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5 Great Podcasts to Improve Your Mental Health

  • The Hilarious World of Depression
  • Anxiety Slayer
  • Tiny Leaps, Big Changes
  • TherapLab
  • The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Two of the defining constructs of our modern society are a rise in media and technology, and a decline in overall mental health. Many people, including biologists and psychologists, agree that these two phenomena are related. Regardless of how much we know about the detriment that technology and media can have on our well being, we are in no rush to get rid of it. So why not reverse the cycle, and use it to boost our moods and inspire us to live our best lives? Here are five podcasts sure to improve your mental health.

The Hilarious World of Depression

In the spirit of flipping the script, The Hilarious World of Depression seeks to take the depression out of depression. Most people who struggle with this illness know that it is not a temporary ailment that you overcome for good, but rather a lifelong challenge that you learn to live with. The actors and comedians who host this podcast are all warriors of this challenge. They know that laughing in the face of depression is one way to take away its power, and this podcast was created for them to share their experiences with fellow warriors. Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.

Anxiety Slayer

Along with depression, anxiety is one of the leading culprits in the mental illness epidemic. Anxiety infiltrates every aspect of a person’s life, convincing them that something bad is waiting around every corner. Struggling with anxiety is absolutely exhausting. Like depression, anxiety is something that follows people around for a lifetime. Anxiety Slayer was created to help people put this burden at bay. Hosts Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer tackle a specific source of anxiety or teach a specific coping mechanism in every single episode.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Tacking mental illness is a huge undertaking. We all want instant relief, but coping mechanisms that lead to instant gratification often sacrifice more of our mental health in the long run. It can be incredibly frustrating to put in the work and not see immediate results. In Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, host Gregg Clunis offers small changes that you can do each day to feel a little bit better in the moment while you wait to achieve more stable mental health.


Fortunately, the stigma against seeking mental health treatment is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, it can still be expensive or inconvenient to make a therapy appointment every single time you need one. Listening to TherapLab is like having on-the-go, on-demand sessions with host Dr. Sheri Jacobson. Dr. Jacobson has been both therapist and client, so she offers relatable perspectives and well-rounded advice on a wide variety of mental health topics.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to be able own one’s mental health. In The Hardcore Self Help Podcast, host Dr. Robert Duff puts mental health and wellness into everyday terms. His easygoing personality makes you feel like you are engaging in a conversation with a friend (which is often what we need in between groundbreaking and emotional therapy sessions), but a friend who has a solid background in psychology and zero bias.

Whether you are at rock bottom and looking for a lifeline, or working towards remaining in a good place, these five podcasts offer five different ways to improve your mental health. The next time you find yourself suffering through a mundane commute or the dreaded wait at the doctor’s office or DMV, turn that time into a portable therapy session. Tune into an episode, and take another step closer to your best life.