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5 Great Conferences for Parents of Children With Autism

  • Profectum
  • Autism Speaks
  • World Autism Organisation
  • Love & Autism
  • The Autism Project

When facing a parenting challenge, it helps to have knowledge from the experts and support from a network of other parents in similar situations. Parenting children with autism is in part a blessing, as it can bring many unique qualities to children. It also presents several challenges. These five conferences will help parents of children with autism learn effective tools from leaders in the field, and share in both the joys and struggle with other parents.

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1. Profectum

Profectum is an organization committed to gathering the most cutting-edge practices in autism, teaching families how best to use them with each unique child, and building a community of families for whom autism is part of daily life. This year’s annual conference, Relationships: the Key to Progress, will take place from October 28th to 29th at Best Wester Plus Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey. This focus of this years event is Redefining Autism from the Movement-Sensing Perspective. Practitioners, researchers, teachers, and parents are equally invited to attend and participate in order to foster the most comprehensive collaboration.

2. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a national foundation dedicated to raising money and awareness for the treatment and prevention of autism. It also seeks to bring together friends, families, and concerned community members to build a supportive network. Their most notorious event is the annual Autism Speaks Walk, which takes place every fall in several locations across America. Autism speaks also holds an annual national meeting and several local meetings and webinars throughout the year. These events provide parents with the latest information in settings that foster collaboration and support. Information about upcoming events will be available soon.

3. World Autism Organisation

The World Autism Organisation was founded to bring the autism community to a global level. It gathers research and practices from across the world, and brings together both professionals and families in international networking and collaboration. The Fifth Annual Conference, Closing the Gap, will take place from November 12th to 15th in Houston, Texas. This year’s event will offer information on a broad array of topics, several breakout sessions, and plenty of opportunities for networking with other parents and professionals.

4. Love & Autism

While Love & Autism is an organization dedicated to autism awareness and community like the others, it’s main focus is the annual conference. This is one to be sure to attend! This organization is also tailored specifically toward parents and families actually living with autism day to day. This year’s event, A Conference with Heart, will take place October 13th and 14th at the Liberty Station Conference Center in San Diego, California. There will be the usual information and break-out sessions, but there will also be concerts and performances, music and art presentations, and many other exciting activities. The performers on the main stage are all individuals living with autism.

5.The Autism Project

The Autism Project is an organization dedicated to connecting researches and practitioners with the families and individuals living with autism day to day. They seek to help everyone put into practice the latest knowledge about autism and provide a community of support and collaboration. Their primary method consists of small workshops in various locations throughout the year, culminating with the national speaker’s conference. This year’s event, Managing Emotional Mayhem, will be held in Cranston, Rhode Island. The date is still being determined.

Living with autism often makes children and their parents and families feel isolated, confused, and unsure of how to enjoy day-to-day life. Attending conferences for autism such as these five gives parents the tools and support the need. This frees children and families to focus on all the brighter sides of life.