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5 Beneficial Apps for People with Autism

Apps for Autism: Five Great Options

  • First-Then Visual Schedule
  • iPrompts
  • Autism Track
  • Learn with Rufus
  • The Social Express

Autism is a disorder that affects countless people who are otherwise normal and quite inclined. As awareness of the condition has grown, so too has the number of tools and strategies that are available to help manage and even improve its aligns. In that very same spirit of autism awareness and living the fullest life regardless, here are five excellent apps built just for those living with or lovingly near autism.

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First-Then Visual Schedule

Scheduling and time management skills are a typical issue in autism. The First-Then Visual Schedule app, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices, is a great way to work at this particular skill group. With this app, the user can work to build, maintain, and understand their very own schedule using a great array of visual and other sensory prompts that help with teaching and memory. Virtually all intellectual levels are able to utilize this app with considerable success.


Whether alone or with the help of a family member or friend, the iPrompts app is an excellent choice for training a variety of skills that are typical of some difficulty in those with autism. Skills like organization, time management, prioritization, and goal-setting and achievement are all workable in this rather extensive app for those with autism. Set reminders, engage in fun and educational activities, select and use pictures for various prompts and supports, and much more. As of this writing, iPrompts is available only on the iPhone and iPad.

Autism Track

Autism Track is somewhat different from many other autism-related apps in that it focuses primarily on tracking data regarding the user with autism. The use of data tracking and analysis has proven to be an excellent resource in the overall mission to defy the limitations often instilled by autism, as seen in the creation of the National Database for Autism Research as well as a number of other research organizations. To that end, this particular app records a wide array of sets of data which then helps the user to subsequently see trends, patterns, and more. Those interested can find the app available on iPhone or iPad.

Learn with Rufus

Learn with Rufus is a very successful app for those with autism and other similar conditions that are built exclusively around an incredibly likable and non-judgemental main character, Rufus, and the user’s interactions with them. While enjoying all of the various activities and social interactions Rufus offers, the user will also learn all about emotion, facial expressions, communication, socialization techniques, and more, without it feeling like they are confined to some mundane teaching environment. This great autism app is available for download and use on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The Social Express

The Social Express is yet another great app for autism. This one works specifically on the social aspect of the condition and introducing users to a gentle but effective learning curve in a variety of social interactions and situations. Using rich graphics and visuals and highly engaging activities, this app has gained quite a following in the autism community. As of this writing, it is available exclusively on iPad.

By its nature, autism creates a number of challenges unique to those with the condition. This, however, does not mean for a predetermined destiny or limitations that ultimately cannot be routed. These five excellent apps for autism are among some of the great resources available today in this very area of interest.