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What Can I Do with a Master’s in Educational Psychology?

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The jobs that students can get with a master’s in educational psychology allow them to work directly with students in need and their families. These programs usually take two years to finish, though some can take three or four years to finish. Those who work as teachers and administrators can enroll part-time in these programs and take evening or online classes. Some programs include summer and weekend classes too. The backgrounds they have in psychology and the educational training they receive can help them find work in almost any school or educational organization.

Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists do different things on the job than school psychologists do. While school psychologists work in schools and with students, educational psychologists can work with students in and out of a school setting. Students with reading conditions and other disabilities may need an individualized education plan. Educational psychologists can meet with students and their families in their homes and go over what they need as well as how their families can help. They can also create programs used by schools to help students with unique needs and work with teachers to make sure that meet the needs of their students.

College Professor

Though most college professors have a terminal doctoral education degree, those with only a graduate degree can sometimes find work in a college. Many community colleges and vocational schools hire professors who have fieldwork and professional experience, even if they only have a master’s degree. Four-year colleges may hire adjunct faculty members who do not have a doctoral degree too. Adjunct professors work on a part-time basis. They usually teach one to two classes each semester. This allows them to maintain a full-time job as they gain experience working with and teaching college students.

Educational Administrator

One of the other jobs that students can get with a master’s in educational psychology is that of an educational administrator. Administrators are responsible for overseeing what happens behind the scenes and with completing tasks that students never see. They can help a school secure government funding for new textbooks and other supplies, make sure that the school maintains the minimum educational standards established by the state and find new teachers and other employees for the school. Some educational administrators work for online schools too. They are responsible for helping the school establish the standards for all students and for making sure that students meet the minimum requirements for graduation.

School Psychologist

An educational psychology master’s degree can also help students meet the requirements for becoming a licensed school psychologist or counselor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, school counselors and psychologists make a median salary of just over $79,000 a year. It also found that the majority of these psychologists work in public and private schools at the elementary and secondary levels. School psychologists provide counseling for students in need, including those who have issues with others at school and those who have problems at home. They can work with teachers and administrators to identify students who need help too.

The educational psychology field looks at behaviors and thoughts in school settings and how those feelings and actions impact students in different ways. School psychologist, educational psychologist, educational administrator and college professor are some of the jobs that students can get with a master’s in educational psychology.

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