Can I Work in the Human Services Field with a Bachelor’s in Applied Behavior Analysis?

It’s possible for students to work in the human services field with a bachelor’s in applied behavior analysis. This term also uses the abbreviation ABA and prepares students for working in jobs that require changing the way people act and think. Most students work with those who have autism, though they can also work with individuals with similar and related conditions such as attachment disorders. Students should look closely at some of the different jobs that are available and decide which ones appeal to them before they finish their degrees.

Clinical Social Worker

Working for government and nonprofit agencies as clinical social workers are just one of the options available to those with an ABA degree. Though some states require that these workers have a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree in social work, others allow professionals to take on social work jobs with degrees in other fields. ABA graduates can use their experiences and degrees to help clients who have autism and similar conditions. Those clients may have issues finding jobs because of their conditions. Social workers are also responsible for investigating claims of abuse or neglect and finding solutions for those individuals.

Substance Abuse Counselor

With an ABA degree, a student may also find work as a substance abuse counselor. These counselors often work at inpatient facilities that require patients to stay on-site for a long weekend or a full month or longer. The idea is that the addicts can recover from their addictions and learn how to abstain from substances in the future. Counselors can also work with patients who have a dual diagnosis, which refers to both a diagnosis of a medical or psychological condition and an addiction. They help patients understand how their addictions can relate to those conditions.

Probation Officer

People on the autism spectrum may have issues telling right from wrong, which causes them to make bad decisions. When they end up in jail or prison because of those decisions, they may receive probation from the court. This allows them to get out and go back home as long as they meet their probation regulations. A probation officer must check in with that individual and make sure that he or she has a job and a home. They can also work in prisons and jails to prepare inmates for release. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, probation officers earn a median pay of $25.49 an hour or more than $53,000 a year.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Students can work in the human services field with a bachelor’s in applied behavior analysis as marriage and family therapists too. This gives them the chance to work with both kids and adults affected by autism and related conditions. Therapists help families come together and learn what they can do to help each other, but they also offer families help after a traumatic event such as a house fire. Adults on the spectrum may need help in their marriages too, including learning how to communicate with their spouses.

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Though some think that ABA programs only prepare students for working as specialists, there are many other jobs available to graduates of those programs. Some of the ways in which graduates can work in the human services field with a bachelor’s in applied behavior analysis include jobs as probation officers and clinical social workers.